Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another month

Another month has passed and it's the middle of JULY! Goodness!

Since Kountze, I spent a week in SA packing boxes and sightseeing with my adopted granddaughter, Nicole. Then a week in Palestine with Ian and Nicole (Karen joined us later). Then Lydia and Caleb arrived, Karen and sons left, and I made decisions about paint for my bedroom (next week's project).

So after Lydia leaves and I give this house a good cleaning (!), I will dismantle my bedroom to repaint it a soft aqua color. I'm leaving the black and white toile decor and tweaking the accessories to suit. It's been a while since I've done a decorating project in my house, and I"m excited about the change.

A date to a local play on Sunday, a quick trip to Mansfield next weekend, and LOTS of scrapbooking in August will lead to the fall activities:
September: new baby in AR
October: scrapbook retreat in Weatherford, hosting Guion Music Club
November: Thanksgiving celebration (location?) and Caleb's 2nd birthday

Have I mentioned I'm glad I retired? haha

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am the adopted grandma of six children whom my friends have adopted. They come from three different birth families. There's two boys and four girls, ranging in age from 8-15. It is a busy, lively household.

What impresses me most is how, in a year and a half, the four siblings who were the last adoptees have meshed into the family. It's not an easy thing to take kids into your family and teach them your values, manners, and speech. These siblings had not even lived together for four years, having been in the foster care system before adoption. Challenging does not even begin to describe the parents' task. All six of these kids have special needs in some way: physical, mental, emotional, social disabilities. When I see them now, I see what a long way they've come in learning to love one another and behave appropriately in different situations. Wow.

I enjoyed spending time with them this week while their mom was recuperating from surgery. She directed their activities while I did the walking, lifting, chores, etc. The kids were fun to be around. Of course, they had their spats and stubbornness at times, but really, what family doesn't?

In this household, God is utmost. Three of the six kids have accepted Jesus as Savior and been baptized. Books and music in the house are Christian. Discussions about behavior center around what God's view of it is. This is the glue that holds the home together.

Mom and Dad, as in most families, have too little time alone together. Maybe I can change that in the future.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recent Trips

We just made a trip to Missouri to visit my parents, and then I made a trip to Mansfield, TX to visit my in-laws. I'm home for two days, then off to visit a friend in Kountze who is recuperating from surgery.

Here is a picture from Missouri's trip:

This is a biker bar/restaurant actually built into a cliff. It is in Tipton Ford, MO, which is about 10 miles outside Joplin.The food was mediocre, but the atmosphere was fun. The back wall of the dining room is the rocky cliff.

And here's a picture from the in-laws:

They just moved into a luxury active senior complex. So gorgeous! Ken's preparing a roast for lunch in this shot. It was yummy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long Delay

It's been over a month since I've blogged. To say I've been busy is true, to say I've procrastinated is true, and to say I've been reading about others' lives (FB) is true. For whatever reason, it's time to catch up.

April, of course, was when Seth was born so I was in San Antonio for a while. He is precious, but a newborn being what it is, we didn't get much sleep! Now, he's starting to stretch out those night feedings. His only difficulty is he hates to be in the car and screams his head off. Constantly.

May has flown by. Alan and I celebrated our 36th anniversary. I am thankful to have a husband who lets me be me. He has been so understanding of my desire to retire, my need to travel to take care of our family members, my ups and downs health-wise.

June is shaping up to be busy, also. I am in Missouri now, spending a week with my parents. My in-laws are moving to a new apartment and I'll be going next week to help them get unpacked and settled. The following 2 weeks, I'll be in Kountze 3 days each week helping my friend recuperate from surgery and keep her household (with six kids) running smoothly while hubby is working.

Sometime in late June or early July, I'll be back in SA to help my kids move to their first home. It will be fun to see Ian and Seth again. I also have a scrapbooking weekend scheduled plus a visit from Lydia to Palestine. Can't wait to see Caleb!! He has such a cute sense of humor!

By the time I rotate through parents, in-laws, and both kids' families, it's time to start again! haha Too bad we're spread over 3 states.

But I am so thankful for a loving God who provides for my needs and enables me to do these things. He protects me as I drive, He provides funds for trips, He provides patience with toddlers, and mostly, He provides stamina/energy for the effort needed to be useful.

If I don't blog again for a while, you can find me on FB. If my name crosses your mind, say a prayer asking God's sustenance for me. Thanks.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family of Four

Here is a pic of John, Karen, Ian, and Seth. Ian met Seth today and thinks he's pretty neat. He was very careful to be gentle with the baby and even got to feed him a bottle! He is proud to be the big brother.